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    Student employees experience doubt, transitions amid pandemic

    In the face of an unexpected shake-up, Drake students are brushing off the dust and giving it the old college try. By Sarah Bogaards Originally published April 15, 2020 in The Times-Delphic “Alternative workspace” is one of the new catchphrases of the coronavirus pandemic. Employers and workers alike are confronting change, and student interns are no exception. The present level of uncertainty blanketing every community means that students are facing a variety of employment scenarios, from complete loss of work to remote work, on top of concerns about classes, living arrangements and more. Junior Kasey Springsteen studies Strategic Political Communications and English at Drake University. Her “dream internship” working for…

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    Pixar lighting pro speaks in West Des Moines

    There’s a reason it’s Lights, Camera, Action By Sarah Bogaards Originally published: March 27, 2019 in The Campus Chronicle Danielle Feinberg works at Pixar, but when she’s successful, you might never notice it. As the director of lighting and photography, the goal of her work is to keep viewers from noticing what she has done and keep them immersed in the film. With 19 years and counting at Pixar, Feinberg gave an insightful presentation at the DMACC West Campus for ciWeek about how code and physics help create stories everyone has come to know.  Although the effects of lighting are nuanced and often unnoticed in the final product, Feinberg demonstrated…

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    Caffeine or Sugar?

    Whatever your buzz, this event has the fix Originally published April 2018 in The Campus Chronicle On Saturday, April 7, coffee connoisseurs and businesses from around Iowa gathered at Seven Flags Event Center for the 2nd Annual Coffee and Donut Festival. I have now attended the event both years, and it has already grown more popular from its first year. It is an opportunity for consumers to sample products from new businesses and get a dose of their favorites.  Of course, Hurts Donut Co. was in attendance and everyone knows they go big. Alongside their signature donuts with heaps of sweet toppings, they featured a glazed donut about the the…