Sarah Bogaards is the name, journalism is the game

Sarah Bogaards

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A professor told my class that people (employers, especially) don’t just want to know what you are passionate about — they want to know what your purpose is and why it drives you to your chosen profession.

Journalism is certainly a field of both passion and purpose. When I joined the newspaper at my community college, I knew I liked to write, but I soon learned that there was even more to love about journalism. The act of chasing a story was this stirring mix of art and science, interviews and research.

Learning has always been a driving force in my life that I believe eventually led me to pursue a career in journalism. Here, I align myself with three purposes of journalism.

  1. Serve the public by providing an accurate presentation of facts, holding those in power accountable and documenting history of the community served.
  2. Rally against disinformation brought about by the digital age, work to restore trust in news media and aid newsrooms in making effective and efficient adaptations to the digital age.
  3. Report each story with empathy for sources in order to understand and accurately convey their perspectives and take every opportunity to learn something new about a community, culture or society as a whole.

I am a proud born and raised Iowan from the suburbs of Des Moines. I attended Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) and graduated with my associate’s degree in liberal arts. I am currently majoring in news at Drake University with a concentration in data analytics.

While at DMACC I got my first taste of journalism classes and served as Editor-in-Chief of the campus newspaper, The Campus Chronicle. First and foremost, the position fostered skills like collaboration and prioritization. It was also my first chance to write all kinds of stories from news briefs and campus happenings to features and opinions. Highlights of my time at the Chronicle include the 2018 gubernatorial debate held on campus between Gov. Kim Reynolds and Fred Hubbell, the debate over bringing armed security to campus and the student-led fashion show.

Reflecting the aforementioned purposes that I strive to fulfill, I am especially interested in data journalism, investigative and public affairs reporting. I am passionate about topics like education, health, state government and more.

When I’m not wrangling stories, I enjoy spending time outside, with animals and with my family and friends. Keeping up with the times and Netflix are on that list too, of course.